#OfficeCats every office should have them!

So. I love my cats…. In case you couldn’t already tell… Like I am pretty sure even those on Mars know that Aly LOVES her fur-babies, although, I have learned recently I am NOT the craziest cat mom out there… There are crazier and they are now my friends!

Its been a while, well a long while, since I last blogged. Part of it has been I’ve been very happy, busy planning a wedding, busy working my booty off at 2 jobs to save for life & wedding and enjoying the little bit of summer that I could / spending time with my hubby to be and friends.

The other part is that I’ve had a lot of negative life shit going on to… Stuff I want to write about but I can’t to protect those involved. Stuff that knocks you on your ass, stuff that makes you question and question and question some more…. Then knocks you on your ass again, stuff that brings sadness to your core being and puts you into a depressive state you didn’t know was possible to reach (for you personally) and stuff that makes you eat french fries… every day…. for an entire week…. near exclusively.

And since I couldn’t write about it, no matter how bad I want to… I hid. I hid… from my blog, from one of the things that brings me joy… I hid because I knew if I wrote about what has been going on, it would have done more harm than good in situations I want so desperately to be resolved and to just reseed into the darkness that which they came.

IMG_3832But, in the face of more sadness, and after a week of tears, french fries and girlfriends doing their damndest to cheer me up…. and a LOT of tequila, here I am. I have words again, that aren’t going to get me in trouble, or cause more harm than good… and you want to know what gave me back those words? a FREAKING WINE CHILLER….

This wine chiller, showed up on my door step this morning… something I DID NOT know was coming… something I’ve wanted to SO LONG, but felt was too frivolous to buy myself, so I just continued to hope and pray someone would gift it to me – and IT CAME! Courtosey of my the Kimmy to my DJ – one of my best girlfriends and someone who gets me and my chaotic mess of a self!

And just like that I got my words back. But this whole back story has actually very little to what I actually intended to write about. I titled this blog #OfficeCats, and you’re probably wondering if i have in fact just lost my mind, since I just wrote about sadness, and what a mess my life has been… But I have a POINT!


Part of my healing, and sanity were my cats. Their unconditional love, kisses and head nudges give me life, regularly and their fluffy bodies became a mop for my tears…

NOW… Finally…. The reason for this post!!!!!! Coming downstairs, and after a long week for himself too, I saw our Princess P giving FH (future hubby) a cuddle-muffin-making break…Which lead me to think that every work place (we work from home) should have cats… Cats force you to take sometime off throughout the day. They jump on your lap, your computer and situate themselves so you can no longer work… till they’ve had enough cuddles or made enough muffins…

There are some offices, coffee shops and other businesses that have taken this theory and run with it, giving employees or customers a fluffy companion throughout their day!

Sometimes they even make some money for the business too! Our babies main job is to give us cuddle breaks when they feel we need them most… and boy are they good at their jobs… We may even have to up their treat salary!


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