Copaiba is a funny word…

I’ve always been a pretty happy girl. Emotional, yes… but overall a happy girl.


However, over the last few years as I’ve gotten older, had hormone changes, birth control changes, and just life in general, I’ve had trouble being a human and coping.

I feel like anxiety and depression is something that still is deemed “taboo” even though so many people suffer from it in varying degrees. While I am fortunate to not have debilitating depression or crippling anxiety, my heart goes out to those who suffer far worse than me. I hope what I am about to share can help you even in the slightest way.

For me, my level of depression and anxiety, often situational, is my own level of hell. Knowing I am a happy person at my core, feeling sad all the time or stressed about trivial situations is frustrating because I know it isn’t me. Wedding planning, juggling 2 jobs and dealing with the growing pains of becoming a my own person and starting my own family, has taken a huge toll on me. This toll took me to the point where the last couple months have consisted of stress eating & stress weight gain (Slim & Sassy), crying at all times, breakouts (Lavender & Frankinsence) and days where I had to force myself out of bed (Peppermint & Lemon).  Only to then feel like I had a dark cloud wrapped around me all day like a scratchy, coarse blanket. There were days where I felt like I just couldn’t function as a human anymore and wanted to just hid from the world (all the while knowing I couldn’t and feeling even more stressed because of that). (Oils listed are solutions to those problems)


Being on medication for anxiety and depression is not fun. In fact most of the medications make you gain weight, which is amazingly AWESOME, and can also cause other side affects.. for me this was never a “long term” solution.

During the last month, I have been learning about essential oils and the benefits they provide as well as the different blends and how they can help various aliments.

While visiting my parents for the holiday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with my direct up-line which consists of 2 absolutely INCREDIBLE women who have ALL THE OILS… #Jealous

One of the oils I continued to hear about was Copaiba. Which I had heard could help with stress, depression, anxiety & all their friends. I needed to try it, and hoped it could become a way to help me when I am feeling the feels.

Right when I got to my friends house, she dropped Frankinsense, Copaiba & DDR Prime. And, dubious still of the oils and their incredible benefits, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY! The combination allowed me to relax for the first time in a VERY long time.

We then made a roller of that combination for me to take home and use until my own bottle arrives.


When I woke up the morning of Thanksgiving, I was very anxious (still not sure why) but I rolled my sanity blend (as I’m now calling it) on my upper spine and wrists. Again… Instantly relaxed. *NOTE: this blend works well for me, results may vary, this doesn’t solve all problems and is NOT a magic potion. 

Ever the detective and investigative reporter, I wanted to see how it would work for me and if it could replace one or both of my medications. It just so happened that  at the same time I ran out of my Lexarpo… So without filling the script (I’m sure my doctor would not advise this) I decided to just use my Copaiba blend every morning (along with my Welburtin) and during times of anxiety & stress. Normally, I would feel sad or a pit when in the past I have forgotten to take my meds, but I feel absolutely wonderful. I have felt clear, happy & relaxed on a consistent basis for the past 3 days and I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. I seriously can’t say enough great things about how much these oils are helping me on a daily basis.

If you want to learn more, message me or visit my site. If you are in need of a change or looking to increase your overall physical and mental health, you absolutely HAVE to check out DoTerra!




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