Can I oil your child???



So this past weekend A and I took a quick vacation to Key West, FL for some R & R with my in-laws. His siblings and I flew down as a surprise to their mom who was already down there as a Christmas present from my Father in law.

A, his siblings and I got up at 3 am, to get to the airport for our 5:30 am flight. After a layover in Newark, we finally got into Key West at noon on Friday. We arrived at the BEAUTIFUL Hyatt Centric, Key West (which I HIGHLY recommend), it was amazing from the glass of champagne we got upon arrival to the friendly bartenders and beautiful rooms.

So we changed out of our Sprinter (spring winter) clothes and headed down to the hotel bar, where my in-laws were waiting. We walk around behind them and go “great place here, beautiful day” and to say my MIL was surprised, would be the understatement of the century. She was BLOWN AWAY and it was the most heartwarming reaction I’ve ever seen!

But I want to go back to our flight for a minute, because the title of this blog, is probably making you confused…

On our second flight from Newark to Key West we boarded the plane and there was a toddler a few rows back that had the MOST impressive lung capacity. He was screaming from the moment we got onto the plane, through the safety spiel, taxing from the gate and take off… probably about 30 minutes this kid was screaming.

Without thinking I grabbed my peace roller from my bag, I carry my emotional rollers everywhere with me, and sat still clenching  it until I was “safe to move about the cabin”. These ladies in front of us, were looking back at me and we exchanged the “god that SUCKS” look and both felt sorry for the poor exasperated mama. I then said to them, I use these essential oils on my niece and it works wonders, they were like you should offer it… which I was kind of planning on anyway, but I didn’t know how weird it would be received. +W1yWiCtQt6IIQ4bq43Ltw

I got up the courage, stood up and walked over to their row where both parents were offering their souls + their life savings to make the child stop screaming.

Conversation went as follows:


Aly: Hi, I’m a total stranger, but I use these essential oils on myself and my niece and they work really well. They’re 100% safe for children as they’re therapeutic grade and diluted. This will help him calm down!

Dad: Really?

Mom: Where do I put it?

Aly: On his spine and wrists.

Mom: Well he has sensitive skin, so I think ill just put it on me…

Aly: Ok! Whatever you want!

(went to the bathroom came back and grabbed the roller and sat back down)


Within 5 minutes, he was silent, and picking out a movie to watch… I’m not saying they oils 100% calmed him down, but that was pretty freaking fast for it to be a coincidence and these oils are INCREDIBLE!


Ok… Back to our trip. So the long and the short of it is KEY WEST RULES…. I want to go back next weekend, I am 100% relaxed and didn’t know how bad I needed a trip like that until I got there and the heat & sun immediately melted away all my stress & anxiety.

I mean how can you not love a place where you can carry drinks down the street and every other store front is a mini bar!

I am so happy, relaxed and refreshed right now, everything seems manageable… Even the fact that our wedding is in 4 months and we have a SHIT ton still to do… its all good 🙂

Here are some pictures from our trip, and I CANNOT WAIT to go back!



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