It’s been a while!

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since i posted… and while i act like I’m this BIG time blogger with millions of followers, i am very grateful for the few that i do have and feel bad when i can’t write for a period of time.

So what have I been up to you ask? Well LET ME TELL YOU!

My last post was about my FABULOUS trip with the in-laws to Key West.

Since then complete chaos, tired eyes and a further & greater addiction to coffee has become my normal resting state.

Get to the point… so in case you forgot… I’m getting married… something a very lovely troll so KINDLY pointed out back in March… BAI BITCH…

So In April, we had our venues food and wine tasting… needless to say, this was the greatest day of my life to date.

In May, my beautiful bridesmaids, MOH, MIL & Mom threw me the most incredible shower where i felt so utterly loved, and very clean… ya no, from the shower…. Try the veal, ill be here till Thursday.

Also in May, I made the decision to leave doTERRA as my THIRD side hustle and join a health and wellness company called ItWorks. Since then I’ve built a team of amazing boss babes, doubled my 1st pay check in my 2nd month and am having the absolute BEST time! People think I’m crazy to have taken on yet ONE MORE THING, while helping to run my family’s online marketing company, bar tending 4 shifts a week at the time and planning our wedding… Again resting state of complete chaos…

June was my birthday month, fill with lots of boat, beach and pool time… i also learned that at 29 you recover from hangovers about as well as toddler on a sugar high, past bedtime… NOT GOOD! I was hung over from Saturday till LATE Sunday night… FML.

July came in quickly, more boat rides, weddings and family outings. Then my bridesmaids took me to Ocean City, MD for an incredible Bachelorette trip… Basically my girls are amazing!

Now we’re here in August… 28 Days away from our wedding and i FINALLY realized on day 36 I should probably do something about my weight since i only have 2 more fittings and wanted to drop at least 15 lbs…. Easy, no probably… i got this!

So after much hesitation and saying NO, i decided to try the Keto Diet… and it was the best decision I’ve ever made short of choosing A to spend my life with and adopting our sweet fluffy babies!

I can eat ALL the foods i love, minus the carbs i.e. pretzel sticks (RIP)… and after 7 days, I’m down SEVEN… SEVEN lbs… I honestly thought i was incapable of losing weight… but clearly the 3x a week pretzels were having some impact on my weight loss… WHO KNEW….


I’m having so much fun with this and EVEN cooked for myself… Pizza (duh) but you know what??? It was LOW CARB & HIGH FAT so it was OK!!!!

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