#OfficeCats every office should have them!

So. I love my cats…. In case you couldn’t already tell… Like I am pretty sure even those on Mars know that Aly LOVES her fur-babies, although, I have learned recently I am NOT the craziest cat mom out there… There are crazier and they are now my friends!

Its been a while, well a long while, since I last blogged. Part of it has been I’ve been very happy, busy planning a wedding, busy working my booty off at 2 jobs to save for life & wedding and enjoying the little bit of summer that I could / spending time with my hubby to be and friends.

The other part is that I’ve had a lot of negative life shit going on to… Stuff I want to write about but I can’t to protect those involved. Stuff that knocks you on your ass, stuff that makes you question and question and question some more…. Then knocks you on your ass again, stuff that brings sadness to your core being and puts you into a depressive state you didn’t know was possible to reach (for you personally) and stuff that makes you eat french fries… every day…. for an entire week…. near exclusively.

And since I couldn’t write about it, no matter how bad I want to… I hid. I hid… from my blog, from one of the things that brings me joy… I hid because I knew if I wrote about what has been going on, it would have done more harm than good in situations I want so desperately to be resolved and to just reseed into the darkness that which they came.

IMG_3832But, in the face of more sadness, and after a week of tears, french fries and girlfriends doing their damndest to cheer me up…. and a LOT of tequila, here I am. I have words again, that aren’t going to get me in trouble, or cause more harm than good… and you want to know what gave me back those words? a FREAKING WINE CHILLER….

This wine chiller, showed up on my door step this morning… something I DID NOT know was coming… something I’ve wanted to SO LONG, but felt was too frivolous to buy myself, so I just continued to hope and pray someone would gift it to me – and IT CAME! Courtosey of my the Kimmy to my DJ – one of my best girlfriends and someone who gets me and my chaotic mess of a self!

And just like that I got my words back. But this whole back story has actually very little to what I actually intended to write about. I titled this blog #OfficeCats, and you’re probably wondering if i have in fact just lost my mind, since I just wrote about sadness, and what a mess my life has been… But I have a POINT!


Part of my healing, and sanity were my cats. Their unconditional love, kisses and head nudges give me life, regularly and their fluffy bodies became a mop for my tears…

NOW… Finally…. The reason for this post!!!!!! Coming downstairs, and after a long week for himself too, I saw our Princess P giving FH (future hubby) a cuddle-muffin-making break…Which lead me to think that every work place (we work from home) should have cats… Cats force you to take sometime off throughout the day. They jump on your lap, your computer and situate themselves so you can no longer work… till they’ve had enough cuddles or made enough muffins…

There are some offices, coffee shops and other businesses that have taken this theory and run with it, giving employees or customers a fluffy companion throughout their day!

Sometimes they even make some money for the business too! Our babies main job is to give us cuddle breaks when they feel we need them most… and boy are they good at their jobs… We may even have to up their treat salary!



28 is really close to 30…

I turn 28 on Sunday. Which honestly, I don’t know if I’m super excited for or super scared for.

27, was a pretty crazy year with some incredible Highs and super terrible lows.

The love of my life asking me to *finally* marry him, celebrating our engagement party (this past weekend) with our family and friends, paying off my tax & credit card debt, planning our wedding, making a significant dent in the principle of my student loans (after reading the Total Money Make Over”, major birthday celebrations, a girls trip to Sonoma Valley, making some pretty incredible new friends and bringing home our second fur baby were among the highest of the highs, I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

But there were also some of the lowest lows… There was uncertainty, stress, anxiety and depression. There was stress about money (when is there not) and the all consuming thought that I will NEVER pay off my student loans… There was the desire to have a mental breakdown when life & work got to be too much and at points throughout the year becoming a person I didn’t know, nor liked very much at all!

I became a bundle of stress, anxiety and depression – I put on weight, my skin broke out and I was all consumed by life, but mainly the fact that I was just waiting for the next step and had no idea or control over when it came… Wondering all the W’s consumed my thoughts, conversations, emotions and every little ounce of me…

Waiting to get engaged was one of the hardest experiences (yes I’m aware how fortunate I am) I’ve ever had to go through. As a TYPE A – uber planner, not knowing when, where, how nearly killed me… But in the end, it was SO FUCKING WORTH IT.


My best advice to those going through this currently… Hold out… The best guys take their time to truly think things through.

In hindsight, which is a bitch for always being 20/20, I am so very grateful he did it when HE and he alone was ready, because I know in my heart of hearts he wants to spend his life with me, just as much as I want to spend it with him and THAT is where my sureness and calmness comes from, the comfort of it all…

(When in doubt, hug something fluffy)

I am glad I never (truly) resorted to ultimatums (which wouldn’t have worked anyway, nor would I want to start my future as partners like that) and despite the fact that I couldn’t see it then, I am glad things unfolded as they did. Naturally, Organically, and right for US.

The minute we got engaged and A asked me to share the rest of his life with him, all the stress of the past year faded away. People began to tell me I looked “lighter” and was “glowing”… I seemed “Different” and “Calm”…

As a normally chaotic mess of a human, my best friend E, just last week told me I seemed “very calm” and while she didn’t want to question it, was slightly concerned… To which I replied, its a good thing, all feels right…

Which was all 100% true. Having that ring on my finger, hearing the words “Will You Marry Me” and the free reign to plan a wedding… thus taking the next steps towards our future gave me a sureness, certainty and a level of calm I can never explain. I TRULY believe I was meant to be married and having a partner to make life decisions with feels right.


Major Shout out to my Girlfriends, Mom, Aunt & Sisters for dealing with my chaotic self during this period of time. Being on the other side, I thank you for you being my sounding board and calming presence in my life.

Additional and even MAJOR Shout out to A, for whom STILL wants to marry me after seeing me at what I am pretty sure was my worst over the past 12 months… *Insert Rolling Eye Emoji*

So, as I approach the fateful day (June 25th) of turning 28, I say… BRING. IT. FUCKING. ON! Bring it ON! 27 was another year of true adult growing pains, and while at the end of each year, I feel I have a better handle on this whole ADULTING & life thing, I can honestly say after this past year, I’ve got this thing on lock down…. (but seriously though, I have no idea what i’m doing, I’m making it up as I go along… :)) . 28 is going to be the most magical, incredible and LIFE CHANGING year… I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me, other than the one known truth that on 9.8.2018, I will be gaining a husband, another set of parents & siblings and another last name…. Because really, one just isn’t enough sometimes…

Friendly PSA… Pinterest tells all. the. LIES

So, you get engaged! YAY!! You set a date! DOUBLE YAY! You plan the entire wedding… TRIPLE YAY!! Your Fiancé agrees to do engagement pictures and you finalize your awesome photographer! Check. Mate. I WIN!

You do TONS of research on the most reliable source for outfit planning… Pinterest. DUH.

You decide where to have the pictures and find the “perfect dress” from LuLu’s (which is the greatest site for dresses… seriously, don’t let my poor choices affect your great fashion!)… You get your hair and makeup done by the ever fabulous Glow Girls and your picture day has the best weather Boston has seen all spring!

Your man dresses in the color coordination you’ve planned, and you set out for a funfilled day of photos in the city!

You take pics in all the traditional poses you’ve sent the photographer from pinterest. You spend the day holding hands and “casually” walking down the pathways in Beacon Hill, you avoid the protests in the city, find the most adorable little streets that depicts Boston in all its glory, you realize that kissing in public is pretty freaking awkward and your guy has the most soulful eyes… which I can honestly say I’ve never spent all that much time staring into!

You get your photos the next day (because your photographer is awesome) and you realize 2 things… One. You made the right decision in picking your photographer, because your photos are gorgeous and Two. that you REALLY MESSED UP in your outfit choice…



Ok, Fine, Lesson learned… in all fairness the results were pretty adorable and we got some pretty perfect pics for the purpose of the shoot – the save the dates….


On the upside… I’m pretty sure it has finally given me the push over the edge of motivation I needed to get back to the gym!!


MAJOR PSA: Flowy Dresses are NOT for Photo Shoots!

Pinterest Poses: Not cute unless you’re like MODEL hot

Photo Shoots: Awakward AF…

Results: Adorbs

Check out how cute we are!!!! More to Follow!

But WHAT IS a wedding diet…

Ok. So. I’ve become that girl… I’ve become that girl I loved to talk to but secretly hated… I’ve become that girl who is so insanely in love, happy, excited and can ONLY talk about her wedding…

I’m so happy, relaxed and stress-free that people have begun telling me I look like I’ve lost weight. Which I haven’t but THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m so happy that all I want to do is talk about our wedding, the future, the exciting plans, dresses, wedding favors & veils.

I’m so happy, that I am even annoying myself…. Except hardly even at all. But I have come to know that I does overly bother some… So, If my happiness bothers you, you find it annoying or choose to spend your time “counting” how many Relfies (ring selfies) I post…. Feel free to un-follow me. Don’t have time for that negativity!

In my excitement, I’ve managed to plan our entire wedding in 2 months. Like Locked & Loaded… Venue (DONE), DJ (DONE), Photographer (DONE), Dress (DONE)… Engagement Party (delegated), Bridesmaids (Asked), Wedding Date (Set)…

The rest is just semantics… Invitations, Gifts, Favors, Etc…

Needless to say I’ve been a very busy girl, on top of all that planning, etsy purchasing, pinterest searching and wedding talk talking, I’ve also been busy working my TWO jobs… NBD but ya no, I also managed to build a brand new, kick ass website for our company! Shameless Plug <– Check it out! Its awesome!

In all my working, planning and living of life, I’ve let my exercise really fall off… There was also that week I was in a walking boot, for spraining my foot after dropping a metal baking sheet on it…. (what is life…) But for the most part, I’ve just been a lazy POS… From my lapse in workouts, among other personal things, I’ve now unfortunately begun to notice an increase in my waist line! Its shocking that if you continue to eat like an asshole and DON’T work out you will get fat!!! WHO THE F*&K knew!!!!

I also realized thanks to my ever reality checking and Dave Ramsey supporting friend L, that when I miss one of my 12 classes as Synergy & don’t make it up that month, I am throwing away $30 dollars… Which as she so incredibly put is 3 bottles of wine or 10 Coffees (from Dunks) or 1 manicure… That REALLY registered with me and I now am hitting the reset button and recommitting…

And if its on the internet it has to be true… So here I go.

Here is my vow to recommit to my fitness & health…. I need to say I Do to me, before I say I Do to A… and G-d help me, I will be 20 lbs lighter on my wedding day, because

  1. I vow to drink LESS during the week… Choosing Water over Wine (but really tequila) and not indulging on a just a random Wednesday night…
  2. I vow to pay more attention to my unhealthy carb and sugar intake… Cutting out the bread whenever possible and just having a burger on lettuce… Everything in moderation is my life motto.
  3. I vow to make better decisions, but still enjoy my life! I also will NOT be bringing back #AlyCooks, so eating whatever my wonderful man makes, but everything in moderation!
  4. I vow to work out 3-4 times a week and getting my (squat fearing) ass to Synergy, where I get my butt kicked EVERY SINGLE TIME!
  5. I vow to eat more meals per day and eating at home every meal possible! One thing i realized is that I really don’t eat enough during the day… which apparently is not healthy!
  6. I vow to eat less fried foods, pizza & tacos… well… Maybe….

If there is a limit to how many times a reset button can be hit…. Don’t tell me!

Here we go again!




The Dating Game of Wedding Planning.

Ok, so you find the guy… you get to know each other, you date for 6.5 years and get engaged… But then the REAL dating begins and you realize, finding the person you want to spend your life with was the easiest part of the whole ordeal!

You have to date the venues, the photographer, the DJ, the dresses, the florist, etc… You go on so many dates, just hoping to find the right vendor that makes you tingly in all the right places. You read all the reviews, look at the pictures and go on so many dates you begin mix up names, and begin to forget who you emailed and who you haven’t.

There really needs to be a tinder for vendors. Like you write your bio… put your budget and then you swipe until you match with the right vendor! That would make the whole process SO much easier! 20170311_162939000_iOS

PS. The Knot Binder in my hand —-> Is ABSOLUTE LIFE… The Knot makes everything SO much easier and organized… My Type A personality is OBSESSED!

While dating around though, your fiancé puts you on a very short leash and makes you really do your homework to have multiple options to choose from. Which is a VERY good thing, since I get SO overly excited, I am basically a golden retriever and want to jump on every new thing because I just LOVE IT ALL!!!!

Since getting engaged, I am learning so much more about being an adult and taking my time, being thorough and really thinking things through…

Then… Comes the real fun… Making your guest list…. Which is the moment you realize you have 8500 cousins, your parents have 10,000 friends, and you have way more friends than you thought you did. But who do you cut? How do you keep your guest list from getting out of control and where do you draw the line? When you’re buying your family and friends a very expensive dinner you really need to be selective :(.

The invention of the secondary list is a godsend, and you get real good at determining who would bring you joy to see at your wedding and who is only on the list because you were friends for a hot second!

The best part is, not only do you have your guy to help you through this dating process, but you have your sisters, best friends, parents and every bridal article and website around!

You also have Etsy to order adorable boxes to ask your bridesmaids… So EXCITED to finally make it official and ask my besties to stand by me!

The fun is just beginning, and naturally I am hitting the ground running, after being engagement for a month, since I’ve only been dreaming of this day for my entire life.

But its all leading up to the BEST. DAY. EVER. and even though dating is exhausting its all so worth it, because you get to marry your best friend and party the night away with all your closest friends and family!… Also makes you VERY grateful you found your person ❤


Countdown is ON…

So, today, Tuesday, February 28th, we’ve offi20170225_131941208_ioscially been engaged for 2 weeks… 2 Whole Weeks of bliss, happiness, and all the glowy feels.

To say this has been an incredibly weird time in life, would be an understatement. In these past 2 weeks, we’ve celebrated love and mourned the loss of a life. We’ve been congratulated while saying goodbye and toasted to both our love along to the ending of an incredibly long life.

I’ve learned a lot about at life in these past 2 weeks but I’ve learned even more about myself, my man and this crazy thing called love.

I’ve learned that our love is probably the strongest there is, I’ve learned that wedding planning is overwhelming and that if you 20170222_222335923_iostake it in bite size chunks it makes it much easier… It also helps to plan on getting married 20 months from now! I’ve also learned that everyone has a tip or piece of advice and its helpful to listen, make notes and take it all into consideration.

I’ve learned that dreams do come true, and I cannot WAIT to marry this man! I can’t wait to look a venues, taste all the cake, sample all the foods and plan the greatest most magical wedding ever!

I’ve always been told wedding planning is one of the most joyful, incredibly stressful and wonderful times in a young couples life… And that couldn’t be more true.

Finally and most importantly I’ve learned that communication is key and that at the end of the day, this wedding is about US, our love, our future and nobody else!




What a week its been!!! 20170215_104859000_ios

One week ago today my LONG time boyfriend asked me to marry him and share the rest of his life. I freaked out so hard, I made him ask me a second time so I could hear him say it!

It was the sweetest proposal, and exactly how I would have wanted it, because it was so perfectly US!

I got back from FL Monday night, after a long trip (think…planes, trains and automobiles) Woke up Tuesday as per usual and started my day. I greeted my guy, gave him my valentines day card and then went to work…20170215_110212692_ios

It was a perfectly normal day, which is typical for us, we’re not big on the hallmark holidays and don’t usually do much, nor have we exchanged gifts in YEARS! Which is why I was TOTALLY caught off guard when I walked into the house after running errands in the evening, to find a gift bag on the coffee table and a shit eating grin on his face!

Here is the exact conversation that transpired!

Me: Hey! What’s this?

A: I don’t know, close your eyes and reach into the bag…

Me: *Still not reaching in*, What is it though?

A: Just reach in!

Me: *Reaches into bag, pulls out box*…. WHATS THIS?

A: Open It! *Grinning in the cutest way ever*

Me: *Opens box* OMG are you serious????? *Continues to freak the Fuck out!*

A: Will you Marry Me?

Me: *Goes over and kisses him and I THINK I said Yes… and sits down cheesin so hard…*

Me: Say it again!

A: What?

Me: You have to ask me again, I need to hear it again…

A: Will you Marry Me? *puts ring on finger*

Me: Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Kisses, Hugs then I proceeded to gallop around the house screaming “We’re GETTING MARRIED”

My Fiancé (you see that???) then went and made dinner and I proceeded to call the entire world!

It was the most perfect proposal EVER! I couldn’t have thought up a better or more romantic way and I was completely caught off guard because NEVER in a million years would I expect him to do it on Valentine’s Day20170214_223516296_ios

I don’t think I’ve ever been so ridiculously, goofily happy in my entire life. I felt like I was in a euphoric state where I just couldn’t stop smiling and felt utterly relaxed.

We then popped champagne, a bottle I’ve been waiting to drink since my 25th Birthday and saving for this occasion….

Naturally, I had ordered a sign off Etsy back in August for the perfect Photo Op of the kitties making their own announcement…. I know, I am insane.

I CAN’T believe it still! After nearly 7 years, we are FINALLY Getting Married!!!!

I can’t wait to marry this man and spend the rest of my life with him ❤


When Organization is LIFE…

20170204_170434133_iosI travel a fair amount never anything crazy, but I always get such anxiety when it comes to my suitcase and how messy and unorganized it gets!

This weekend, my sisters are I are taking a long weekend and going to our grandparents and because I am an overachiever, I decided to pack early and get it out of the way.

I am an over packer by nature. I can’t help it… I like to have all my things, because I never know my mood, bloated level or if the weather will impact my outfit. Even once I’ve packed, I unpack and pack again to make sure I have everything, since you know FL is a third world country!

But when traveling by plane it can be tricky since carry on luggage is now absolutely necessary since checking a bag is $50 PER BAG!

I bought packing cubes, to help organize my suitcase and allow for optimal over-packing! These cubes are now my FAVORITE thing in the entire world!

These cubes allow for full organization with 3 Clothing Cubes in Small, Medium, Large as well as 3 pouches in small, medium large and a laundry bag!

I was able to fit most of the clothing in the larger 2 cubes then bras and bathing suits in the smallest one. 20170204_141723433_ios
I saved the smallest pouch for underwear and the medium cube for my Florida outfit in my tote. The largest cube I will put my hair tools in along my make up. It surprisingly ALL fit in the carry on, and it even closed!

I strongly recommend these cubes to ANYONE who travels as they are amazing and allows for a stress-free travel.

Naturally the cats made several attempts to pack themselves into my suitcase. #CatLadyForever

All packed and ready to go! Sister Vacay here we come! #SisterTrip2K17


Its got good flow… or whatever

So, its been a while… I guess you could say I’ve been busy… Work has been busy, Life has been busy, and of course my fluffy fur-babies keep me VERY busy… But at the same time, I feel like I haven’t accomplished all that much.

I am feeling a little low today, and to avoid this becoming a “bitch and moan” post, I am going to talk about something I am SUPER excited about… The fact that I FINALLY finished decorating my office!!

This project began back in September when I decided I wanted to re-do my space to make it more comfortable and enjoyable to be in / have friends in. I couldn’t have imagined it coming out as amazing as it has… Nor did I ever think I would actually ever finish it!

What started out as a mismatch, cluster of furniture and crap… is now a beautiful space, fully of positive energy and life. Thanks to my own vision, my family / man friend, Target & Overstock.com my dream office became a reality!

The beginning…


The room constantly gave me anxiety because of the fact that it had no real organization and was not enjoyable to look at.

Phase 1 began when I got my new desk!


With the addition of my BEAUTIFUL new desk, from my fabulous parents, I got Target cubes to organize my shelves and the open concept desk. I also FINALLY hung the black and white pics I had of my babies from SEPTEMBER… Better late than never I guess!

Phase 2: Thanks to my wonderful Man Friend & Sisters I was able to add my beautiful “Pop of Color” love seat, rug and pillows! The storage ottoman, I bought myself… it was on sale


The changes didn’t stop there… With each new addition of furniture the room got a different vibe and layout!


Phase 3: Came unexpectedly early when I found a chair and mirror for the right price… These additions, completed the room, and has made this girl extremely happy to go to “work” everyday…

Its hard to leave! I love spending time in there so much, combined with the fact that I got the Amazon Fire Stick, and am binge watching everything…. It is the most wonderful place in the world! All I need now is a bar cart and small fridge for champagne!

As one friend, who was apart of the inaugural wine night, said… “You really have everything up here! Do you ever leave?”…. My reply? “Yes… To get more wine”….


As you can see, the room got a new layout with the addition of the new chair (Featuring Piper)… This layout allows for better flow and energy! I feel so happy every time I walk into my office, and have to remind myself to leave… to spend time with my man 🙂

I will be now accepting jobs for office / glam room decoration and design… Since I am officially a pro!


If you give a cat tuna fish…

If you give a cat tuna fish, they’re probably going to love you forever…


He’s so tiny when he’s wet LOL!

If you give a cat tuna fish for breakfast and dinner, they’re probably going to love you even more, but may have an upset tummy…

If you give a fluffy (3-legged) cat tuna fish, they’re probably going to get the shits TWICE and need to be cleaned off TWICE, followed by very traumatizing bath for mom & kitty…

So, I’ve realized I am either a great cat mom or a terrible cat mom…

Depends how you look at it. I free feed my cats dry food and a 3oz can of wet food for them both to share at breakfast and a 3oz can to share at dinner. (Good Mommy)

Through trial and shitty error, I’ve learned what agrees with their delicate tummies and what doesn’t… Its a double edged sword… covered in shit… Because they love the stuff but it doesn’t always love them back!

20170120_012429288_iosMy Princess, Piper, has a stomach made of steel apparently, because she has NEVER had an issue… She can eat whatever she wants and will be fine.

My Little Guy, Dash, likes to eat his portion and whatever his sister has left. The fluffy little guy doesn’t have the strongest stomach and has issues (to say the least) when something doesn’t agree with him.

Yesterday and this morning, due to the fact that I forgot to re-order wet food (Bad Mom), and the whining was OVERWHELMING when I walked in the door yesterday after work… I pulled out a can of tuna (in water) and gave them half, to share. Fine, no problem…

Then this morning, I gave them the other half to share. (Bad Mommy)… Cats really shouldn’t eat ALL that much tuna….

First incident, I came down stairs to make breakfast and saw said kitten playing with something on the couch…. It was litter he was playing with… 20170119_220924463_iosBut there was SHIT all over him… So I pick him up, grab the kitty wipes and clean him up… Despite the cries, scratching attempts and squeals!

Second incident, while upstairs in my office, Dash hobbles onto my WHITE rug, and I smell shit! GREAT!

So I pick up my fluffy kitten and bring him into the bathroom, pull out the kitty wipes and clean him off… While he screams and cries…

When Man Friend gets home, Dash rushes to climb all over him! He loves his Daddy so much!

Despite cleaning him off, he still smells… And Man Friend naturally inquires why! I inform him of what has transpired and he says well he stinks!

20170119_175213816_iosAnd I know I’m about to do what I swore i’d never do…. I gave him a bath.

Que the screams… From both of us!

So I change into sweats, I know I’m about to get soaked, grab the dish soap (which is the only safe soap I have) and run the water. Immediately he starts crying once I put him in the water and the only time he stops crying is when he is completely under the faucet. But he ISN’T having it. He claws, cries, bites and tries to escape!

So… after much crying and screaming (again from both of us) – we survived his first bath experience with only minor injuries! Poor baby hated the whole thing and I accept the failed attempt at biting me and the minor scratches because it was a traumatizing experience!

But my boy is such a sweet baby, right after he let me dry him off and still gave me kisses and let me pet him! He’s just the best baby!!