The cat pics have nothing to do with the post except for the fact that humanity sucks and cats are cute…

Today I am sick… As I am most of the fall and early winter. Some pe20161023_002206562_iosople get strep, others get bronchitis or the flu.. I get sinus infections. Which are super fun because not only do the hurt like hell, make my brain mushy and make it overall difficult for me to function as a human; but they also make my face so puffy, that I look like the epitome of a sinus infection… I. AM. SINUS WOMAN.

But today I am not only sick from a sinus infection, I am sick of everything. I am sick of my friends and family on Facebook attacking each other over their politics and choice of president. I am sick of scrolling through my news feed and seeing people I love and care about posting dumb shit, just to start a riot. I am sick of the SAME stuff constantly on the news real and media stream… OK, Shit was said, done or not done… GET FUCKING OVER IT… Its over with…


While I too, am at fault for posting and engaging, I’ve stopped because my involvement doesn’t bring anything good. Involving myself in this bullshit did was waste my already too little and precious time, and caused me major anxiety. I am too smart and too busy to get wrapped up in this crap and so are ALL of you… And if you’re not, well then, can we trade places?

“Everything the light touches, is ours”

My opinion will not change yours, and yours will not change mine… Posting rhetoric, fodder and video clips from 2000 will not change it either. What boggles my mind is why the general population feel the need to put down others who don’t share their opinions. I know politics brings out the worst in people but NEVER have I felt the need to unfriend / unfollow some of my own FAMILY members and VERY CLOSE family friends… Its just disgusting! Share what you want to share, do what you want to do, but don’t attack those who don’t feel the same way in your caption…Do you feel that threatened or have such little faith in your own candidate, that you need to attack others?? Do you know that debating and putting down your family and friends probably won’t be the deciding factor in whether or not your candidate wins? Do you know that no matter who wins, we’re only stuck with that person for 4-8 years… but you’re stuck with your family, those you have insulted and viciously attacked for LIFE?

He. Is. Flawless… <3

I’ve silently sat and watched as my own family has attacked one-another and to be honest. I was pretty saddened by it. They will tell you its the name of the game and all in good fun, but family should agree to disagree or stick by one another. Not attack, belittle and ridicule!

My Model Girl – Princess Piper

I am sick of this election. I am sick of the candidates. I am sick of the drama and the stupidity. I am sick of the media and the constant barge of bullshit… I am sick of the conversations that happen at my bar and the fights that nearly break out over the beliefs of others…

If there is ONE thing DRUNK people should not talk about its POLITICS… I am just sick of everything.


I am sick of the negativity and hate that is going on.I am sick to my stomach on this one. I can’t handle all the awful things that are going on in our once great country. You can’t listen / watch the news or scroll through a feed without being greeted with something truly awful, followed by something else awful. I am sick of the wrongful deaths, the lack of respect for those who wear a uniform, the abused animals and kids, the shootings, the lack of respect for each other and all the fucking CLOWNS.

But really what is up with these freaking clowns? Seriously…. What other country has a “Clown” Problem and citizens who have to be told to be vigilant because clowns might pop up out of no where and attack them? When did life become a bad horror movie?

I am just so sick of it all… But mainly I am just so sad. I am losing my faith in humanity,  and deeply saddened by the lack of respect and over all common decency. So here are some cute cat pics because they’re adorable and society sucks…

Because, Love really is all you need!




The Grushkins… We’re pretty awesome…

My family is pretty special… But we’d have to be to make one of our own feel like absolute shit on their birthday, and totally unloved to then surprise them with a kick ass birthday party…

Yesterday, was my sister Genna’s 25th Birthday… and with the spearheading of her 2 oldest and bestest friends, we pulled off the greatest surprise party of all time. period.

It all started when one of her friends approached our family to see if it was something we would be into… naturally we never turn down a party, so we were totally in.

gennaeventFrom there the planning was full speed ahead. We had a venue, guest list, Facebook Event and the major over all plan in place. But of course, Genna is a complete and utter PITA, so she pestered ALL of us to know if/ what we were doing for her… Since we all said nothing… She went ahead and planned her OWN birthday party for the day after her birthday (Saturday, Today)…

We immediately got on our own Facebook Group to let them know that party was not happening, but people should RSVP anyway! As the date got closer, we made Genna feel more and more unloved… I told her I couldn’t come down for her actual BDAY and could only come Saturday. Leigha told her she couldn’t come down AT ALL and had to work all weekend. Our Parents told her they couldn’t take her out to dinner for her Bday because they had a networking function they couldn’t miss… She was so upset, it was pretty funny. Her friends were set to take her out and initially come back to our neighborhood bar for the party… But with a last minute (1 week before) venue change to somewhere she’d never go, we had to come up with a new plan on how to get her there.

The plan was revised, the guests were updated and marching orders were given. Her friends were to keep her out of the house all day and take her to dinner. Leigha and I were going to come down mid day and run all the errands to pick up all the things.. We had an Instagram board, props and a geo-filter… all the makings for a great freaking party!

Genna’s friends brilliantly set it up that Genna thought she was going to a “Grand Opening” at a new bar… and that it was ladies night…

On the day of her birthday, she called me to ask if my friend, who she knew owned the place, could “Hook them up”… My response… Totally!

I became a complete road warrior and came from Boston –> Stamford –> Westport –> Ridgefield –> Westport –> Norwalk –> Westport (almost forgot the balloons!!!!) –> Norwalk… Leigha and I got to the bar, set up, and waited…

And waited…. Did a couple shots…. Waited… Played with the photo booth and waited…

THEN FINALLY, guests came!

It was ALMOST time for the Surprise… then I get a call from Genna’s friends (who were with her) but couldn’t find the bar… Thankfully Genna thought she was on the phone with their guy friend who recommended the place!

Finally they walk in, and we GOT HER! Look at that cute face! Seeing her so happy was worth all the sadness of making her feel like crap, all the anxiety that someone would spill the beans and all the stress she put on us… 🙂 We love this girl so damn much and can’t believe how great 24 was, that we had to make sure to kick off 25 with a bang! I admire my sister so much. She has incredible strength, charisma and is beyond beautiful…

As a friend put it, she was “Glowing, you know, without being pregnant!”

Her immediate words…. I Hate you guys… What the Fuck… then to Leigha…. Fuck You! I love your dress!

She then quietly mouthed to my mom… “Am I still having my party tomorrow?”

The rest of the night was AMAZING! We had the absolute best time and couldn’t have been more grateful to Jay from MKT and his beautiful wife Danielle as well as his business partners for their hospitality and generosity! It was truly a fantastic night!

Here are the highlights…





When 2 Kids fall in Love!

Today is my parents 29th wedding anniversary. Which I find absolutely incredible, and feel beyond blessed to call these 2 humans my Mom & Dad. In an age of divorce, cheating scandals and general animosity, my parents have surpassed the norm of divorce and grow closer each year of wedded bliss!


But everyone says that don’t they? Everyone loves their parents, or at least most people do. But I can honestly say with 100% certainty, that mine are some of the best.

Let me tell you why..

  1. They’re generous. These 2 will go out of their way to help ANYONE no matter what…
  2. They raised us girls, which was no easy feat. and SURVIVED IT!
  3. They know how to have a good time… #ClubGrushkin
  4. They are always available when I need to talk, vent or cry…
  5. They have taught me, by example, how to maintain a healthy relationship and respect each others differences.
  6. They made sure I was fluent in sarcasm.
  7. They taught me how to take a joke, and poke fun at myself!
  8. They taught me / showed me what a hard work looks like and how it pays off.
  9. They taught me how important it is to Work Hard, but Play Harder
  10. They encouraged (mandated, if I wanted that extra outfit or pair of shoes) me to work at a young age and the importance of work / life balance. fam
  11. They taught me compassion and respect for others, despite differences
  12. They taught me that some people need to put others down to feel better about themselves and how important it is to rise above it… and to NOT let the turkeys get you down!
  13. They taught me how to roll with the punches (that one took a while… and we’re still working on)
  14. Most importantly they’ve given me an excellent example of how to be a parent and raise children in a loving, supportive home.

My parents are honestly 2 of my best friends and I look forward to when they move closer so we can hang out ALL THE TIME! They are my sounding boards and the reason I can go out into the unknown of adulting, because I know no matter what, they’ve got my back.

So, on this day, the day these 2 crazy kids decided to get married, I say THANK YOU. Thank you for meeting in that gym on Comm Ave, Boston… Mom, thank you for giving him a chance….Dad, thank you for choosing the RIGHT Pam…. Thank you for falling in love… Thank you for getting married…

Thank you for starting a family… Thank you for the beautiful life you built for us…. Thank you for the amazing childhood, countless vacations and a beautiful home to grow up in! Thank you for your continued guidance, support and love…. Thank you for consistently putting up with my crazy-ass emotional self…. Thank you for being an incredible example of love… AND most importantly…. Thank you for continuing to love and respect each other!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU TWO! Here’s to 29 more!!!! <3


Its a Mad Mad Mad World

Friday was a GREAT Day! I brought home the newest addition to our little family Dash!

What an absolute sweetie boy he is! Dash is a 3 legged cat who is full of life, energy and cuteness! While in utero, the umbilical cord wrapped around Dash’s back leg, causing the circulation to cut off and the need for amputation! But NOTHING stops this little dude.

Dash came from the same breeder that I got Piper from; a wonderful woman in Maine, who has so much love for this breed / all animals, you feel honored to be able to take one of her kittens home!

This breed of Cat – Siberian Forest is Hypoallergenic… Now they’re hypoallergenic to anyone with a MODERATE allergy. Hypoallergenic DOES NOT mean NON-ALLERGY!!! If you have a severe allergy like my father, then well, you will have a severe reaction!

If you have cats, you know that bringing a kitten into a resident cat home can be a process…. To say the least!

Having read all the online sites, talked to multiple friends with cats, talked to my aunts who have cats and the breeder, I felt I was totally ready! Piper (resident cat and reigning princess) has such an easy going demeanor that I felt she was going to love the kitten immediately and they would be the best of friends!

I don’t think a person could have been more wrong, or naive than I was in the situation.

Here is how it all went down.

Normally when I come into the house, Piper RUNS full speed from wherever she  is to greet me. Yesterday was no different. However as she rounded the corner towards the kitchen, she caught the scent that I was not alone. She stopped dead in her tracks, immediately crouched and proceeded to walk with extreme caution to the carrier that held the kitten. 20160729_213336062_iOS
The noise that came out of her was unlike anything I’d ever heard. Growing up with dogs, I had never heard a cat hiss or growl before…. Honestly I thought she was choking. Upon realizing what was happening I immediately got down on her level, pet her, held her and told her she was a good girl…

I then took the kitten out… She hissed even louder and ran away.

Completely freaked out and trying to remain calm, all my worst case fears running through my head. She hates me… I’ve ruined her life… Our once happy and adorable cat is now going to be miserable and timid…  She is going to start peeing everywhere… She is going to attack and hate the kitten…

I immediately grabbed the extra litter box and put the kitten in my office (which is air-conditioned). What did I do next you ask? Well I called my Aunt N & then my mom of course, pretty much how i handle every obstacle in life. One thing I DIDN’T do, which I normally would have, was externally freak out. I knew no good would come if i extrenally freaked out or scolded Piper, etc… I just removed the kitten from the sitation to get him secure so I could tend to Piper (who wanted NOTHING to do with me)… But a YEAR ago, I would not have been so calm, and would have made the sitation worse. #Progress

They both assured me that this was totally normal, no piper would not hate me forever and yes it takes time for them to adjust.

I then emailed the breeder who said growling and hissing are perfectly normal and to be expected because Piper has to assert her dominance over the kitten. OKAY PHEW.

20160730_014652385_iOSThen my incredible next door neighbor, who also shares my name & cats name… came over to meet the kitten, but has also had cats growing up and knew what to expect! She hung out with us, for a while, and eventually Piper came into the room… Hissing whenever Dash looked or got too near, but never looking distressed just supremely pissed!

A: I could have told you this would happen…


A: Well, I didn’t want to scare you or stress you out! But I could have told you Piper would hate you for a little

Aly: Gee, Thanks 🙂

While my wealth of knowledge told me to isolate, my gut and manfriend said we should let them be free to sort it out themselves.And that is exactly what they did! For once I trusted my gut and let things unfold! 

Dash is a cuddle bug and slept with us (he slept, we didn’t, new baby in the bed) and Piper who usually goes upstairs kept watchful eye… From the dresser, to make sure he didn’t pull any funny business!

The cats and I got up at 5… yes FIVE am, (again, new kitten in the bed). While there was still hissing and growling, there was also some chasing and smacking going on..all with tails wagging which I took as a very good sign. 20160729_201135991_iOS

As the day progressed, there was 100% some playing and Piper continues to let her guard down little by little, even to the point that she let Dash come within reaching distance and smelled him, without hissing. She is very timid when she is unsure and is currently VERY unsure of life right now. Dash on the other hand is confident (but submissive), and VERY playful / friendly! He just wants to love on her so bad, and it will be ridiculously cute once it happens!

For the interim, there will probably be more  uncertainty, smacking and hissing…. But I don’t like to talk about Alex’s and my relationship 😀 HAHAHA

We’re giving them their space to work out their dynamic… Unless absolutely necessary we will not interfere and will let the animals be animals! I look forward to several weeks of chaos!