Friendly PSA… Pinterest tells all. the. LIES

So, you get engaged! YAY!! You set a date! DOUBLE YAY! You plan the entire wedding… TRIPLE YAY!! Your Fiancé agrees to do engagement pictures and you finalize your awesome photographer! Check. Mate. I WIN!

You do TONS of research on the most reliable source for outfit planning… Pinterest. DUH.

You decide where to have the pictures and find the “perfect dress” from LuLu’s (which is the greatest site for dresses… seriously, don’t let my poor choices affect your great fashion!)… You get your hair and makeup done by the ever fabulous Glow Girls and your picture day has the best weather Boston has seen all spring!

Your man dresses in the color coordination you’ve planned, and you set out for a funfilled day of photos in the city!

You take pics in all the traditional poses you’ve sent the photographer from pinterest. You spend the day holding hands and “casually” walking down the pathways in Beacon Hill, you avoid the protests in the city, find the most adorable little streets that depicts Boston in all its glory, you realize that kissing in public is pretty freaking awkward and your guy has the most soulful eyes… which I can honestly say I’ve never spent all that much time staring into!

You get your photos the next day (because your photographer is awesome) and you realize 2 things… One. You made the right decision in picking your photographer, because your photos are gorgeous and Two. that you REALLY MESSED UP in your outfit choice…



Ok, Fine, Lesson learned… in all fairness the results were pretty adorable and we got some pretty perfect pics for the purpose of the shoot – the save the dates….


On the upside… I’m pretty sure it has finally given me the push over the edge of motivation I needed to get back to the gym!!


MAJOR PSA: Flowy Dresses are NOT for Photo Shoots!

Pinterest Poses: Not cute unless you’re like MODEL hot

Photo Shoots: Awakward AF…

Results: Adorbs

Check out how cute we are!!!! More to Follow!


Call me the Method (wo)Man!

Note: As I sit here writing this, I am enjoying the first “fall” evening, sitting on my porch in shorts and a sweatshirt drinking a nice cold glass of Coconut Tequila and Seltzer….Which I 100% earned, being that I completely torn my house apart today…

  • 5 trash bags
  • 2 full bags for donation
  • 2 full bags for friends
  • 4 swifter clothes
  • Countless Paper Towels
  • And a bottle of All-Purpose Method Cleaner

It was a full day to say the least.

Started out the day with a visit from my Auntie (N), now folks, she isn’t just my aunt (mothers sister) but she is without a doubt one of my favorite people on this earth… Because of our close nature, I consider her more of a Big Sister than Aunt. She is the Loreali to my Rory, the Nutella to my Fluff, the Bert to my Ernie and the Thelma to my Louise.


The best part is, she lives only 45 minutes away! The worst part is our lives are too F*&King busy to ever see each other. So when the opportunity for her to come visit me for the morning presented itself, we jumped at the chance…

We cuddled with kitten, sipped our coffee and caught up in person (while she knit) on the porch and enjoyed the FANTASTIC Fall morning!

After her departure and then another hour spent on the porch, watching my man friend do yard work… (Man Shit)… I decided I should take this gift of a day off and put it to good use… So. I Cleaned… What started out as a routine Saturday cleaning, turned into an all out, all day house clean, purge and organize. Seriously, my house is so freaking clean right now its ridiculous… Too bad it won’t last more than the night. (Cats are like toddlers)…



After giving the house a good clean, I methodically (get it) cleaned every surface of the kitchen, threw out 85% of the fridge and freezer contents.. Then cleaned the fridge… Again with my new best friend Method Cleaner. <== No this isn’t an ad… I just am obsessed with it.

Side Bar: Method Products have become my obsession because they have no harsh chemicals in them and are safe for use around curious kittens… I use their hand soap, dish soap, cleaning products and detergent!!

After the kitchen, I moved the party upstairs to my Office / Girl Room / Closet… I swapped out my Summer and Fall wardrobes (ALL THE SWEATERS AND BOOTS!!!!!) And then proceeded to toss into a pile all the things i haven’t worn in a year…

Each season I go through my clothing pretty ruthlessly…. Especially since i continue to buy more (oops).

If I keep an item the previous year thinking ill wear it, and I haven’t… Its gone…

I’ve done this religiously for the past couple years and have gotten better and more ruthless each year.

My sweet neighbor in particular LOVES this, because she reaps the benefits!





After going through my closet, organizing my shoes, purging of shoes i never wear or are in need of retirement, I moved onto cleaning and organizing my bags… The amount of shit I find in my purses is insane…





  • 6 Lara Bars
  • 4 Packs of Almonds
  • $2 in Change
  • Parking Ticket
  • 3 Lip Sticks
  • 1 Lip Pencil
  • Hand Cream
  • Purrell
  • Receipts
  • Outlet chargers for phone house and car
  • Pepper Spray
  • Old Business Cards
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Socks

And the list could go on….

From there I finished picking up my office… Then tackled my jewelry… Pretty sure chokers are in again right??? Oh 2002, How I miss you! #TiffanyForLife

Moving On, Now for the Bedroom!.

Starting out thinking I was just going to go through my drawers turned into another FULL bag of clothes for donation… And organizing and going through ALL of my man friends shirts and socks.

  • I threw away more socks with holes in them, than I care to mention…. I promise… He won’t miss them

I also went through my own sock drawer and when I sifted through all the pantyhose card board and tags from bras, I found out I have a TON of socks!!!!



I organized his T-Shirts (by sports team of course) and removed shirts that he no longer wears, but put them into storage for fear the hold SOME unforeseen sentimental value…

I then cleaned out his closet… Organized the sheets, organized my sweatshirts and threw away pillows we haven’t used in a year… Seriously, why was I holding onto them???

I swifter’d under the bed… just for good measure… I then made a 3rd cat from all the hair and dust bunnies…. Her name is Dusty.

For my final trick, I organized the coat closet, hung up snow suits and got rid of 2 of my 10 coats, because I NEVER wore them last year… Which means I won’t wear them this year…

I properly hung my scarves, made sure all my custom Pam Grushkin Knits items were all nice and neat for the upcoming winter and that the mans snow removal snow Armour was properly hung up.

Never in my entire life have I felt more relaxed, zen, satisfied and exhausted. This was seriously the BEST. DAY. EVER!


Zen & Kitten Cuddles…. BEST DAY EVER.



When you’re Basic AF…

Note: All Pictures are from Fall, 2015

Fall, You are my spirit animal!

Ever see that Staples commercial from 1996 for school supplies? If you haven’t check it out… My father did that dance EVERY freaking year at the bus stop till freshmen year…. of COLLEGE…

As an adult, I have to say, I get it… It truly is the MOST wonderful time of the year… As I took my first brisk morning walk to the gym the other day, that song may or may not (it totally was) been playing in my mind.


Here are my FAVORITE things about fall… In no particular order:

  • The kids are back in school (I don’t have them, but I enjoy seeing my child rearing friends more often)
  • The weather is PERFECT20160914_235916000_ios
  • Football is back which means all is right in the world (and that there is more money in my wallet)
  • Traffic is lighter
  • Business hours are back to normal
  • PUMPKIN IS IN SEASON… pumpkin beer / everything pumpkin is in season. (I know, I’m a Basic Bitch)
  • Under Boob Sweat / Sweating in general decreases – Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about! Lets be honest here!
  • You can wear boots with EVERYTHING!
  • All clothing is Over-Sized and Leggings are god!
  • Getting ready to go out for the day consists of putting on a cute long sleeve shirt, leggings or jeans & boots… You no longer have to feel like a marshmallow being stuffed into a pinhole. (as I do in ALL summer clothes)fall-3
  • You can be Basic AF (cue the foliage pictures with the sbux cup in focus)
  • New England Fall Foliage – Enough said…
  • Fall Colors – The dark colors match my soul.
  • UGG BOOTS… That fad from 2004 that never died… They’re just so comfortable!
  • Cute Couple Dates that consist of : Apple Picking, Hard Apple Cider (with Fireball of course) and Cider Donuts


20160914_235923000_iosIf you’ve never been to New England during the fall, you’re truly missing out. The foliage is on POINT… NE Falls are probably the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen. Which makes driving, for me, even more hazardous because I can’t help but look at all the trees as I drive. ITS. JUST. SO. BEAUTIFUL!

As a Basic Bitch, Naturally fall my spirit animal.

So go get a sugar rimmed pumpkin beer, eat your cider donuts, dress in your cutest fall outfits and break out those adorable boots because FALL IS FREAKING HERE!