28 is really close to 30…

I turn 28 on Sunday. Which honestly, I don’t know if I’m super excited for or super scared for.

27, was a pretty crazy year with some incredible Highs and super terrible lows.

The love of my life asking me to *finally* marry him, celebrating our engagement party (this past weekend) with our family and friends, paying off my tax & credit card debt, planning our wedding, making a significant dent in the principle of my student loans (after reading the Total Money Make Over”, major birthday celebrations, a girls trip to Sonoma Valley, making some pretty incredible new friends and bringing home our second fur baby were among the highest of the highs, I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

But there were also some of the lowest lows… There was uncertainty, stress, anxiety and depression. There was stress about money (when is there not) and the all consuming thought that I will NEVER pay off my student loans… There was the desire to have a mental breakdown when life & work got to be too much and at points throughout the year becoming a person I didn’t know, nor liked very much at all!

I became a bundle of stress, anxiety and depression – I put on weight, my skin broke out and I was all consumed by life, but mainly the fact that I was just waiting for the next step and had no idea or control over when it came… Wondering all the W’s consumed my thoughts, conversations, emotions and every little ounce of me…

Waiting to get engaged was one of the hardest experiences (yes I’m aware how fortunate I am) I’ve ever had to go through. As a TYPE A – uber planner, not knowing when, where, how nearly killed me… But in the end, it was SO FUCKING WORTH IT.


My best advice to those going through this currently… Hold out… The best guys take their time to truly think things through.

In hindsight, which is a bitch for always being 20/20, I am so very grateful he did it when HE and he alone was ready, because I know in my heart of hearts he wants to spend his life with me, just as much as I want to spend it with him and THAT is where my sureness and calmness comes from, the comfort of it all…

(When in doubt, hug something fluffy)

I am glad I never (truly) resorted to ultimatums (which wouldn’t have worked anyway, nor would I want to start my future as partners like that) and despite the fact that I couldn’t see it then, I am glad things unfolded as they did. Naturally, Organically, and right for US.

The minute we got engaged and A asked me to share the rest of his life with him, all the stress of the past year faded away. People began to tell me I looked “lighter” and was “glowing”… I seemed “Different” and “Calm”…

As a normally chaotic mess of a human, my best friend E, just last week told me I seemed “very calm” and while she didn’t want to question it, was slightly concerned… To which I replied, its a good thing, all feels right…

Which was all 100% true. Having that ring on my finger, hearing the words “Will You Marry Me” and the free reign to plan a wedding… thus taking the next steps towards our future gave me a sureness, certainty and a level of calm I can never explain. I TRULY believe I was meant to be married and having a partner to make life decisions with feels right.


Major Shout out to my Girlfriends, Mom, Aunt & Sisters for dealing with my chaotic self during this period of time. Being on the other side, I thank you for you being my sounding board and calming presence in my life.

Additional and even MAJOR Shout out to A, for whom STILL wants to marry me after seeing me at what I am pretty sure was my worst over the past 12 months… *Insert Rolling Eye Emoji*

So, as I approach the fateful day (June 25th) of turning 28, I say… BRING. IT. FUCKING. ON! Bring it ON! 27 was another year of true adult growing pains, and while at the end of each year, I feel I have a better handle on this whole ADULTING & life thing, I can honestly say after this past year, I’ve got this thing on lock down…. (but seriously though, I have no idea what i’m doing, I’m making it up as I go along… :)) . 28 is going to be the most magical, incredible and LIFE CHANGING year… I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me, other than the one known truth that on 9.8.2018, I will be gaining a husband, another set of parents & siblings and another last name…. Because really, one just isn’t enough sometimes…


The Dating Game of Wedding Planning.

Ok, so you find the guy… you get to know each other, you date for 6.5 years and get engaged… But then the REAL dating begins and you realize, finding the person you want to spend your life with was the easiest part of the whole ordeal!

You have to date the venues, the photographer, the DJ, the dresses, the florist, etc… You go on so many dates, just hoping to find the right vendor that makes you tingly in all the right places. You read all the reviews, look at the pictures and go on so many dates you begin mix up names, and begin to forget who you emailed and who you haven’t.

There really needs to be a tinder for vendors. Like you write your bio… put your budget and then you swipe until you match with the right vendor! That would make the whole process SO much easier! 20170311_162939000_iOS

PS. The Knot Binder in my hand —-> Is ABSOLUTE LIFE… The Knot makes everything SO much easier and organized… My Type A personality is OBSESSED!

While dating around though, your fiancé puts you on a very short leash and makes you really do your homework to have multiple options to choose from. Which is a VERY good thing, since I get SO overly excited, I am basically a golden retriever and want to jump on every new thing because I just LOVE IT ALL!!!!

Since getting engaged, I am learning so much more about being an adult and taking my time, being thorough and really thinking things through…

Then… Comes the real fun… Making your guest list…. Which is the moment you realize you have 8500 cousins, your parents have 10,000 friends, and you have way more friends than you thought you did. But who do you cut? How do you keep your guest list from getting out of control and where do you draw the line? When you’re buying your family and friends a very expensive dinner you really need to be selective :(.

The invention of the secondary list is a godsend, and you get real good at determining who would bring you joy to see at your wedding and who is only on the list because you were friends for a hot second!

The best part is, not only do you have your guy to help you through this dating process, but you have your sisters, best friends, parents and every bridal article and website around!

You also have Etsy to order adorable boxes to ask your bridesmaids… So EXCITED to finally make it official and ask my besties to stand by me!

The fun is just beginning, and naturally I am hitting the ground running, after being engagement for a month, since I’ve only been dreaming of this day for my entire life.

But its all leading up to the BEST. DAY. EVER. and even though dating is exhausting its all so worth it, because you get to marry your best friend and party the night away with all your closest friends and family!… Also makes you VERY grateful you found your person ❤



What a week its been!!! 20170215_104859000_ios

One week ago today my LONG time boyfriend asked me to marry him and share the rest of his life. I freaked out so hard, I made him ask me a second time so I could hear him say it!

It was the sweetest proposal, and exactly how I would have wanted it, because it was so perfectly US!

I got back from FL Monday night, after a long trip (think…planes, trains and automobiles) Woke up Tuesday as per usual and started my day. I greeted my guy, gave him my valentines day card and then went to work…20170215_110212692_ios

It was a perfectly normal day, which is typical for us, we’re not big on the hallmark holidays and don’t usually do much, nor have we exchanged gifts in YEARS! Which is why I was TOTALLY caught off guard when I walked into the house after running errands in the evening, to find a gift bag on the coffee table and a shit eating grin on his face!

Here is the exact conversation that transpired!

Me: Hey! What’s this?

A: I don’t know, close your eyes and reach into the bag…

Me: *Still not reaching in*, What is it though?

A: Just reach in!

Me: *Reaches into bag, pulls out box*…. WHATS THIS?

A: Open It! *Grinning in the cutest way ever*

Me: *Opens box* OMG are you serious????? *Continues to freak the Fuck out!*

A: Will you Marry Me?

Me: *Goes over and kisses him and I THINK I said Yes… and sits down cheesin so hard…*

Me: Say it again!

A: What?

Me: You have to ask me again, I need to hear it again…

A: Will you Marry Me? *puts ring on finger*

Me: Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Kisses, Hugs then I proceeded to gallop around the house screaming “We’re GETTING MARRIED”

My Fiancé (you see that???) then went and made dinner and I proceeded to call the entire world!

It was the most perfect proposal EVER! I couldn’t have thought up a better or more romantic way and I was completely caught off guard because NEVER in a million years would I expect him to do it on Valentine’s Day20170214_223516296_ios

I don’t think I’ve ever been so ridiculously, goofily happy in my entire life. I felt like I was in a euphoric state where I just couldn’t stop smiling and felt utterly relaxed.

We then popped champagne, a bottle I’ve been waiting to drink since my 25th Birthday and saving for this occasion….

Naturally, I had ordered a sign off Etsy back in August for the perfect Photo Op of the kitties making their own announcement…. I know, I am insane.

I CAN’T believe it still! After nearly 7 years, we are FINALLY Getting Married!!!!

I can’t wait to marry this man and spend the rest of my life with him ❤


When Organization is LIFE…

20170204_170434133_iosI travel a fair amount never anything crazy, but I always get such anxiety when it comes to my suitcase and how messy and unorganized it gets!

This weekend, my sisters are I are taking a long weekend and going to our grandparents and because I am an overachiever, I decided to pack early and get it out of the way.

I am an over packer by nature. I can’t help it… I like to have all my things, because I never know my mood, bloated level or if the weather will impact my outfit. Even once I’ve packed, I unpack and pack again to make sure I have everything, since you know FL is a third world country!

But when traveling by plane it can be tricky since carry on luggage is now absolutely necessary since checking a bag is $50 PER BAG!

I bought packing cubes, to help organize my suitcase and allow for optimal over-packing! These cubes are now my FAVORITE thing in the entire world!

These cubes allow for full organization with 3 Clothing Cubes in Small, Medium, Large as well as 3 pouches in small, medium large and a laundry bag!

I was able to fit most of the clothing in the larger 2 cubes then bras and bathing suits in the smallest one. 20170204_141723433_ios
I saved the smallest pouch for underwear and the medium cube for my Florida outfit in my tote. The largest cube I will put my hair tools in along my make up. It surprisingly ALL fit in the carry on, and it even closed!

I strongly recommend these cubes to ANYONE who travels as they are amazing and allows for a stress-free travel.

Naturally the cats made several attempts to pack themselves into my suitcase. #CatLadyForever

All packed and ready to go! Sister Vacay here we come! #SisterTrip2K17


Its got good flow… or whatever

So, its been a while… I guess you could say I’ve been busy… Work has been busy, Life has been busy, and of course my fluffy fur-babies keep me VERY busy… But at the same time, I feel like I haven’t accomplished all that much.

I am feeling a little low today, and to avoid this becoming a “bitch and moan” post, I am going to talk about something I am SUPER excited about… The fact that I FINALLY finished decorating my office!!

This project began back in September when I decided I wanted to re-do my space to make it more comfortable and enjoyable to be in / have friends in. I couldn’t have imagined it coming out as amazing as it has… Nor did I ever think I would actually ever finish it!

What started out as a mismatch, cluster of furniture and crap… is now a beautiful space, fully of positive energy and life. Thanks to my own vision, my family / man friend, Target & Overstock.com my dream office became a reality!

The beginning…


The room constantly gave me anxiety because of the fact that it had no real organization and was not enjoyable to look at.

Phase 1 began when I got my new desk!


With the addition of my BEAUTIFUL new desk, from my fabulous parents, I got Target cubes to organize my shelves and the open concept desk. I also FINALLY hung the black and white pics I had of my babies from SEPTEMBER… Better late than never I guess!

Phase 2: Thanks to my wonderful Man Friend & Sisters I was able to add my beautiful “Pop of Color” love seat, rug and pillows! The storage ottoman, I bought myself… it was on sale


The changes didn’t stop there… With each new addition of furniture the room got a different vibe and layout!


Phase 3: Came unexpectedly early when I found a chair and mirror for the right price… These additions, completed the room, and has made this girl extremely happy to go to “work” everyday…

Its hard to leave! I love spending time in there so much, combined with the fact that I got the Amazon Fire Stick, and am binge watching everything…. It is the most wonderful place in the world! All I need now is a bar cart and small fridge for champagne!

As one friend, who was apart of the inaugural wine night, said… “You really have everything up here! Do you ever leave?”…. My reply? “Yes… To get more wine”….


As you can see, the room got a new layout with the addition of the new chair (Featuring Piper)… This layout allows for better flow and energy! I feel so happy every time I walk into my office, and have to remind myself to leave… to spend time with my man 🙂

I will be now accepting jobs for office / glam room decoration and design… Since I am officially a pro!


If you give a cat tuna fish…

If you give a cat tuna fish, they’re probably going to love you forever…


He’s so tiny when he’s wet LOL!

If you give a cat tuna fish for breakfast and dinner, they’re probably going to love you even more, but may have an upset tummy…

If you give a fluffy (3-legged) cat tuna fish, they’re probably going to get the shits TWICE and need to be cleaned off TWICE, followed by very traumatizing bath for mom & kitty…

So, I’ve realized I am either a great cat mom or a terrible cat mom…

Depends how you look at it. I free feed my cats dry food and a 3oz can of wet food for them both to share at breakfast and a 3oz can to share at dinner. (Good Mommy)

Through trial and shitty error, I’ve learned what agrees with their delicate tummies and what doesn’t… Its a double edged sword… covered in shit… Because they love the stuff but it doesn’t always love them back!

20170120_012429288_iosMy Princess, Piper, has a stomach made of steel apparently, because she has NEVER had an issue… She can eat whatever she wants and will be fine.

My Little Guy, Dash, likes to eat his portion and whatever his sister has left. The fluffy little guy doesn’t have the strongest stomach and has issues (to say the least) when something doesn’t agree with him.

Yesterday and this morning, due to the fact that I forgot to re-order wet food (Bad Mom), and the whining was OVERWHELMING when I walked in the door yesterday after work… I pulled out a can of tuna (in water) and gave them half, to share. Fine, no problem…

Then this morning, I gave them the other half to share. (Bad Mommy)… Cats really shouldn’t eat ALL that much tuna….

First incident, I came down stairs to make breakfast and saw said kitten playing with something on the couch…. It was litter he was playing with… 20170119_220924463_iosBut there was SHIT all over him… So I pick him up, grab the kitty wipes and clean him up… Despite the cries, scratching attempts and squeals!

Second incident, while upstairs in my office, Dash hobbles onto my WHITE rug, and I smell shit! GREAT!

So I pick up my fluffy kitten and bring him into the bathroom, pull out the kitty wipes and clean him off… While he screams and cries…

When Man Friend gets home, Dash rushes to climb all over him! He loves his Daddy so much!

Despite cleaning him off, he still smells… And Man Friend naturally inquires why! I inform him of what has transpired and he says well he stinks!

20170119_175213816_iosAnd I know I’m about to do what I swore i’d never do…. I gave him a bath.

Que the screams… From both of us!

So I change into sweats, I know I’m about to get soaked, grab the dish soap (which is the only safe soap I have) and run the water. Immediately he starts crying once I put him in the water and the only time he stops crying is when he is completely under the faucet. But he ISN’T having it. He claws, cries, bites and tries to escape!

So… after much crying and screaming (again from both of us) – we survived his first bath experience with only minor injuries! Poor baby hated the whole thing and I accept the failed attempt at biting me and the minor scratches because it was a traumatizing experience!

But my boy is such a sweet baby, right after he let me dry him off and still gave me kisses and let me pet him! He’s just the best baby!!





Look how far you’ve come!

Sometimes, when life gets hard, you need a reminder as to how truly amazing you are.

My ALL TIME Favorite line is from the movie The Help: “You is smart, You is kind, You is important.” From time to time, when you’re actively immersed in your life, you forget how truly incredible you really are… A mantra like this is a nice reminder.

This June, will mark 10 Years since I graduated High School. T-E-N. I find that beyond insane. I’m not old enough to attend a 10 year high school reunion, that’s for “old” people.


Where did the time go? I feel like in the past 10 years, I’ve accomplished so much and yet sometimes I feel like it isn’t enough.

Yea, sure, I have a great job, loving man friend, wonderful friends and a supportive family. I have a great apartment, 2 adorable furbabies and make a decent living. But sometimes I feel like my poor choices in my early twenties have made my late twenties an up-hill battle.

  • Why did I let myself rack up so much credit card debt that it took me nearly 3 years, debt consolidation and the limitations of a terrible credit score to pay it off.
  • Why didn’t I save the money I should have while an Independent contractor, which forced me to make payments to my Taxes…. Interest EATS YOU ALIVE FYI…
  • Why can I not stop shopping and buying “cute” things – If i were smarter and didn’t buy new boots every season, I could have a heck of a lot more money in my savings.
  • Why do I still take silly things so personally… Why can’t I be stronger and more confident in my convictions, not taking things so personally.
  • Why haven’t I kept to my 18 Year Old Weight… Why did I let myself gain over 40 lbs in the last 4 years…

Its easy to be hard on yourself and only see the negatives of what you haven’t done… But seeing what you have done and have accomplished is SO VERY CRUCIAL!

  • Damn 18 Year Old Aly – You were so thin!!!! If only my 27.5 year old metablosim could still eat whatever I wanted, drink whatever I wanted and be this thin from just working out! #Fappy (Fat Happy) (Credit to my amazing friend K.C.)

But in the same regard, I have accomplished so MUCH

  • I graduated from college in 4 years, with transferring!
  • I’ve held 2 jobs at the same time for 6 years, running on fumes at times, but getting everything I needed to be.
  • I’ve paid off my credit card debt
  • I’ve paid off my Tax Debt
  • In 6 months, I paid off nearly 15K towards my student loans
  • I’ve moved 3 times, and now reside in a great apartment that feels like home.
  • I’ve held the same incredible job for 6 years – and continue to grow and learn, becoming a total Girl Boss and mentor to younger women.
  • I’ve kept 2 fur babies alive for over 2 years and continue to learn more and more about being a “cat” mom
  • I’ve maintained a healthy, loving relationship with the same man for almost 7 years. While it hasn’t always been easy, as no relationship is, we’ve truly grown up together and there isn’t any other person in the world, i’d rather share this ride with.
  • I’ve become a better sister and friend – Actively working at becoming less judgmental and more accepting of differences.
  • While victim to bullies throughout my whole life, I’ve come out the true victor and have maintained long lasting incredible friendships with smart, beautiful, kind women.
  • I’ve FINALLY gotten into a great workout routine, one that I absolutely LOVE!
  • I’ve learned the benefits of eating healthy, and made the decision not to live that way 100%.

While I am not where I thought I would be at 27.5, and life has taken unexpected turns, I couldn’t be more grateful for this life I’ve been given and the challenges faced… They made me a stronger, more independent woman!

For 2017 – I have some goals… They’re not resolutions because those don’t last.

  1. I want to pay off at a MINIMUM 25K towards my student loans
  2. I want to save at a minimum 1K each month
  3. I want to become more patient and kinder on a regular basis to my loved ones and strangers
  4. I want to do more good deeds and make more people smile!
  5. I want to not only lose weight but get fit and toned! I want to be comfortable in my own skin…. The number doesn’t matter…
  6. I want to buy less STUFF! I want to stop shopping less and saving more
  7. I want to be a better partner,  daughter, granddaughter and sister
  8. I want to be less emotional and stronger in my convictions
  9. I want to make 2017 the best year yet
  10. I want 2017 to be MY YEAR. And it starts now!



A New Year, A New Me?

Everybody makes New Years resolutions right?

  • This year I will go to the gym EVERYDAY!
  • This year, I will eat 100% clean!
  • This year, I will be nice
  • This year, I will get in shape
  • This year, I will make more money
  • This year, I will be kinder to my family, friends, spouse, etc…
  • This year, I will clean my house every day
  • This year, I will not shop…
  • This year, I will put XXX per week into savings

But how many people really keep those resolutions? I know I sure haven’t! I’ve made and broken resolutions probably within the same day! Because resolutions are just words, unless you actually take action.

I started this journey, to become a better, stronger and healthier me, in March, 2016. Nearly 3 months into the year, but it wasn’t a resolution. It was a strong desire to make a change… See I strongly feel and believe that resolutions are only as good as the person making them, and if you’re not ready to make a major change… then you won’t stick to it. Full disclosure, I have, by no means been faithful to being my best self, eating healthy or exercise.

I SURELY did not stick to the lifestyle portion of the Whole 30… I have probably worked out more in the last 3 months than I have the entire year and while I’ve grown exponentially as a person, I have picked petty fights with my Man Friend. I’ve been an instigator and pushed my sisters buttons when I know I shouldn’t have and I’ve been feisty to loved ones & strangers when unnecessary.

But for the most part…? I can honestly say I am proud of myself this year and the major changes I’ve made to grow as a human.

I am proud of the woman I have become and am still working on. I am proud of the Girl Boss I am learning how to be, I am proud of my relationship with my Man Friend and the amazing bond we have… I am also incredibly proud of the daughter / sister/ friend I am, and that I am someone my friends and family count on for advice and help!

I am proud of the fact that I am FINALLY seeing results (after 9 months of working towards them… ok, its probably only been about 4 consistently, but whose counting!) I am beyond happy that I’ve found a workout program that I love and can truly see results from! You know you’ve begun to achieve goals when friends begin to comment… that may be the BEST feeling ever!


Jan 2016 —————————– Dec 2016

I am proud of the confident individual I have become and the personal issues I have overcome.

So, Instead of making “resolutions” because they mean squat. I am going to keep working on myself, continuing to be a good person… Continuing to work hard and achieve my goals and continue to strive to be the best I possibly can be!

I am going to continue to be kind.

I am going to continue to stop law enforcement, first responders and members of the armed forces and say “Thank You”.

I am going to continue to grow.

I am going to be the BEST possible version of myself.

I am going to succeed!

Happy New Year! Make 2017 GREAT!


Time to put 2016 to bed!

So….I decided to send out a holiday card this year. Featuring, our fur-babies… Naturally…

A “Cat Card” as my friends lovingly referred to it, when I asked for their addresses, was ordered through Simply To Impress… Who by the way does a FANTASTIC job and ships the cutest packages!

Well, I shopped, chose the layout (then changed my mind about 27 times, chose the right picture, customized the text and placed my order.

It wasn’t until I unpacked the cards… All FORTY of them, to realize I MAJORLY F*&KED Up! Can you spot the mistake below???


Collective AW SHIT…. Commence!

If you still can’t figure it out… I’ll give you a hint! My ManFriend is not named Aly… Awesome.

So… Since these obviously cannot be sent out, and ordering new ones would not only cost me more money but would be here AFTER the holiday, I have decided to share my holiday wishes and year in review, here. You’re Welcome! 

Towards the end of March, 2016 – I started this blog to track my journey through weight-loss, healthy living, turning my debt around, as well as following the growing pains of being a 26 (now 27) year old woman.

This year has most certainly been one that can come to an end ASAP, while a year of immense growth, it was also one that was extremely trying… and I’m not talking about all the political turmoil and nation divided.

This year I learned a lot about myself… Since this was a year of growth, I really put a lot of energy into becoming a better person.

  • I learned I am a Strong, independent woman. I am strong mentally, physically and emotionally… Even though I cry every chance I get!
  • I learned that when the going gets tough, you hunker down and figure it out. There isn’t any problem too big, when you have an incredible support system!
  • I learned (but already knew), that my ManFriend is the greatest guy in the whole world and has strength like none else. He consistently amazes me every day and is a true inspiration of perseverance and goals!
  • I learned that my sisters are the epitome of strength! They are so incredibly smart, beautiful and funny! Whatever they put their mind to, they achieve and I am forever impressed by their perseverance.
  • I learned that I will NEVER stop needing my parents, but that I am capable of standing on my own 2 feet, and figuring things out for myself. All the values and morals they instilled in me are starting to come to light and I am extremely grateful for that!

The Fab Five

  • I learned that 27 is not too old to make new friends and this year, I made some incredible new friends. This amazing women came into my life at the right times and have become some of my most trusted confidants!
  • I learned that your girlfriends are one of the most important things in life, especially carving out the time to take trips together.
  • I learned that I am beautiful in whatever skin I am currently fitting into, whether I am at my biggest or my smallest and that only I can control my diet and exercise. Nothing is going to happen unless I am determined to make it so.
  • I learned that working out is more than just physical fitness, but is also about mental fitness and once you find something you love doing, working out isn’t such a chore!
  • I learned, I really don’t have the cooking gene. I’ve documented my attempts here several times, I know I am very good at many things… Cooking just isn’t one of them. Thank God my wonderful Manfriend CAN cook and does it so well! Otherwise I’d probably starve.
  • I learned that I can eat very healthy if I really want to… But I really enjoy bread, pizza and tacos too much to eat 100% clean all the time!
  • I learned that I CAN cut out wine… Something I never thought I could do…
  • I learned that when I put my mind to something, I can achieve anything!
  • I learned that hard work pays off… debt!
    • In the last 6 months, I paid off 5K (down from 7) in credit card debt.
    • I paid off 3K in Tax Debt
    • Increased my credit score by 70 points in 6 months! Successfully breaking into the 700’s
    • I also paid off nearly 13K total towards my student loan debt (in SIX months!!!) <– I don’t think I’ve paid that much in the 5 years since I graduated college!
  • I learned that I REALLY need to stop shopping, because I don’t need ANYTHING else in my life, especially more clothes.
  • I learned that when I stop shopping, I have MORE MONEY!!
  • I learned, I am a #GirlBoss (in training) and am VERY good at my job, but still have SO much to learn! I am very Thankful for my father who is the greatest mentor and coach I could ask for!
  • I learned that when I shop around and find the right pieces, I can have the Glam Office of my dreams! (Still a Work in Progress!)
  • I learned being a #GirlBoss is a lot of work, but so utterly rewarding in the end!

This year, we also became a family of 4, when we added my littlest love Dash! Its a Mad Mad Mad World. I didn’t know our little family was incomplete (for now) until we got this tiny fluff-ball! Dash has changed our home in SO many ways its hard to believe he hasn’t been here all along! He added a level of chaos (we didn’t need, but now have), gave Piper a playmate and gave me the cuddly kitten I’ve always wanted. While Piper is the absolute sweetest and cuddly, it is only on her terms. She is ALSO very independent and likes to be left alone! Dash on the other hand, needs to be with us, or on us, at all times… Even sleeps in our bed at night, and gives the sweetest kisses!

Becoming a kitty mom of 2 has been quite the experience though! These 2 give me a RUN for my money! Dash is constantly into something or bugging Piper in some way, that I feel like I am forever saying “what’s in your mouth?” “What do you have” “Stop biting your sister”… #CatMom – Parenting Lesson 95

All in all, this year was one of major growth, major trials and tribulations, major amounts of love and patience and massive amounts of kitten kisses and cuddles!

I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and VERY Happy New Year! Make 2017 the greatest year yet… While I don’t know what 2017 will bring, I know it will be a great year, both personally and professionally. I CAN’T wait to see how it all unfolds!

Thanks for following me during the journey, the journey is only just getting started and the best is yet to come?

Love Always,







It’s the Holiday Season!

“It’s the holiday season, the holiday season, With the whoop-de-do and hickory dock” – Andy Williams


Hello December! You’re sneaky, but I’m glad you’re here! Its been a long year and I am VERY ready for this joyful, magical season and the new beginning this month brings!

From September to December is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! The weather is cooler, sweaters are back in, leggings are acceptable and boots are the norm. You don’t need to consistently shave your legs, your toes can go paintless, everything is over-sized and sweating, when walking outside, comes to an end!

The foliage is beautiful and vibrant, people start to become a little nicer and of course the Starbucks Holiday cups come back!

I LOVE living in New England, specifically for this time of year and will take the snow, to get these 4 months of heaven! I mean, COME ON!

The holiday season makes me happy!

I love giving my loved ones presents that I’ve spent my hard earned money on and carefully wrapped! I love seeing their faces and excitement when they open their gift and I know it is something they truly wanted!

I love getting together with friends and family to celebrate the end of another year, there is something about the holidays that brings out the best in people and its beautiful to see.

I love the beauty of our Christmaukkah Tree! Celebrating ALL the holidays is one of the greatest things ever! I am so blessed to be able to share Hanukkah with A and be able to share Christmas with his family!


I love the traditions A and I are starting to make as we continue to celebrate more and more holidays in our own home. I love that we can blend the religions we raised with and
celebrate everything! Thinking of adding Festivus to the mix soon… Hello airing of grievances and Feats of Strength!

I love visiting with our family’s, spending whole days together, when the world is quiet and there are minimal distractions of work and life.

I love the colors! The blues, the gold, the silver, the red, the shimmer, the sparkle and OMG do I love twinkle lights!

I love seeing the beautiful homes all lit up and the tree lined streets with gorgeous white lights!

I just LOVE this season and the magic that surrounds it! 

Happy Holidays Loves! Hope its fabulous!