Now I’m a decorator!

In previous posts‘ I’ve mention my recently developed addiction to HGTV. Mainly Property Brothers, Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop. I love seeing the old outdated homes and how they transform them into new, modern and beautiful spaces.

This addiction and the fact that I find organizing and cleaning relaxing has prompted me to purge, clean and organize. I’ve given about 4 bags to friends and co-workers to which they reply “Seriously MORE?”

As the holidays got closer, I began the process of making my holiday gift list to send off to A and my family. I usually ask for clothes or designer bags, jewelry or shoes… However, this year, realizing I have MORE clothing and shoes than I need (and continue to buy more, despite the fact that I shouldn’t be), I asked for new furniture for my office! Which I felt was a VERY mature decision and realized I might ACTUALLY be turning into an adult! Now, if only I could stop shopping… I’m working on it… Its a process…

We’ve now lived in this apartment 3 full years and are nearly half way through our 4th. I decided it was time to make my home office/ girl from a space that I could be proud of! I spend so much time in here and I wanted to be able to find peace and tranquility when I walked in everyday.

I also wanted a place that I could have my girlfriends over for coffee on the weekends or wine nights, instead of going out to a coffee shop, shopping or to a bar (which inevitably involves spending a lot more money) whenever I want to see a friend!… I realized I could save A LOT of money, if I had a more comfortable space to get together with friends… I refused to invite people over to sit on a mattress and I would never kick A out of our living room!

My current home office / glam girl room, is a hodgepodge of furniture. I am grateful for the furniture as I didn’t have to buy much of it and it served its purpose! I have A’s old desk from his room growing up, target cube furniture, an old Turtle Tank Table that I am using as a make up vanity, a target coffee / side table from my first apartment FIVE years ago and A’s parents old mattress… that I HAD TO HAVE, begging A and his dad to maneuver it into my converted Attic of an upstairs office!

From my HGTV obsession, I’ve gotten all sorts of design ideas for how I want my Glam Room / Office to look! Gray, Chic, Modern, Glass!

After doing an immense amount of research, reading reviews, making listings, finding things I liked better and pinterest searching “Glam Office”, I FINALLY found the pieces I wanted to make my Glam Girl Room! I sent out the list to A & my parents, and about a week ago, I received the first piece to my transformation, Phase 1! My GORGEOUS new desk, courtesy of the mama and the papa!


This box was 75 lbs and was delivered to my front steps… I live on the second floor. A wasn’t home, and I HAD to get it into the house, I just couldn’t wait. What did I do you ask? I squatted… Bear hug lifted and carried the HUGE box up the stairs to my house. I didn’t injure myself, may or may not have been extremely winded, but hey! I did it! From there I opened the box and took out all the pieces to individually carry them upstairs! Then of course it BUILT THE THING ALL BY MY SELF!!!!  #GirlBoss – I FREAKING LOVE MY NEW DESK!!!!

To really appreciate the new desk, you have to compare it to the old. The new, open, modern look really lightens up the whole room!


But phase 1 of the transformation didn’t stop there. I needed a way to organize the shelves and cubes to make sure everything looked neat and tidy!



Obviously HGTV was on…

I don’t know what it is about bin organization, but it makes me SO happy!

Today to complete phase 1.. I hung pictures that have been sitting in my desk for 5 months!


My furbabies in BW <3

Additionally, I’ve cleaned out most of the unnecessary clutter and the next step will be to remove the mattress and put it into the land of clutter (the spare room)…


I am immensely happy with how this room is coming together and LOVE seeing my vision come to reality!

Here are the next pieces to be added! Plus some furry pillows in red for a POP of color!! Eventually I will add a new vanity to the mix, but that will be down the road!

God, I’d hate to be that Turkey!

Summary of the story? I am Thankful I am not the turkey on the table, but that the turkey sacrificed its life to be the center piece of this delicious meal!

I had just told him, he was NOT invited to Thanksgiving Dinner and would have to stay home… He was not happy…

Today, I called my grandparents to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving, since I won’t see them and wanted to make sure I was able to catch up with them before the holiday. (I know what you’re thinking… I am the best granddaughter ever… Its really hard being SO perfect and the golden child!)

Naturally they all asked “How are you?” To which I answered honestly, truthfully and surprisingly, “REALLY AMAZING.” It made me think, for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I am truly happy and mostly content. I have an awful lot to be thankful for and thought it would be nice to express this gratitude on the eve of the day of  we give thanks!

I think sometimes we forget how much we have to be thankful for, we get caught up in the nuances and minor catastrophes of our every day lives that we don’t always see the big picture and how much we actually have to be grateful for! I encourage, and implore you, as I have here, to take a moment and think about that you’re thankful for… Its OK if its in-between the turkey and the apple pie or after your 3rd mimosa, just making sure you do it. It is humbling and a nice reminder of all you have…Count your blessings on this day, because it is, after all, the reason the Turkey gave its life!

I am thankful for:

  1. I am thankful my very handsome, smart and patient Boyfriend, who loves me and is the rock I need to stabilize my rather chaotic existence.
  2. I am thankful for my Parents, for mainly giving me life, but for also everything else under the sun and for always being there for me and for being my best friends!
  3. I am thankful my Sisters who are the craziest people I know, and are absolutely, smart, beautiful and incredible! I wouldn’t be me without their crazy asses.
  4. 20161120_134409874_ios
    BUT WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE???? #KittenGoals #Blessed

    I am thankful my adorable and insanely fluffy fur babies, without whom life would be incredibly boring

  5. I am thankful for the addition this year of Dash to our family. We didn’t know it, but he was what was missing from our little family!
  6. I am thankful my Grandparents who I am very fortunate to have 2 sets of and who are incredibly strong guiding forces in my life
  7. I am thankful my incredibly generous In-Laws, being 150 miles from my own parents, I am very grateful to them so close by, should I need a “parent”.
  8. I am thankful my Close Girlfriends who I can always count on to enable my crazy
  9. I am thankful for my Close Girlfriends who I can always count on to defuse my crazy
  10. I am thankful for The Loreali to my Rory
  11. I am thankful for My Aunts, Uncles and Cousins
  12. I am thankful that fact that Gilmore Girls is coming back for 6 hours of Stars Hallow greatness!
  13. I am thankful that I am able to work / do a job I love and build something incredible with my family and boyfriend. I am so proud of where we are today and how far we’ve come! It is truly special what we’ve built and the best is yet to come!
  14. I am thankful for the fact that Greys Anatomy is on its 13th Season and STILL going strong!20161119_165230414_ios
  15. I am thankful that there are regular Harry Potter Marathons on Freeform (ABC Family)
  16. I am thankful for Netflix and that Binge watching is a socially acceptable thing and encouraged
  17. I am thankful for the foliage and living in beautiful New England
  18. I am thankful that Tequila is “Good for you”
  19. I am thankful that I found a workout plan that works for me and I LOVE doing!!
  20. I am thankful pizza is LIFE as are cheeseburgers and Tacos… #TacoLife
  21. I am thankful for my beautiful, warm home
  22. I am thankful to be able to live in the greatest city on earth (one that I definitely don’t take advantage of…)
  23. I am thankful to be able to give awesome holiday gifts this season to my loved ones and to have the ability to work and earn and pay my bills as well!
  24. I am thankful for my bed and cuddly kitten in said bed
  25. I am thankful for my life
  26. I am thankful for my loves
  27. I am thankful.

What’re you thankful for???

These kitties give me life…. And the best cuddles!